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Projects Online Presence Enhancement

Project Overview aims to enhance its online presence and streamline its e-commerce platform under the guidance of Dan Lauer. The proposed project will span five months, focusing on key areas such as product catalog optimization, SEO refinement, additional product information incorporation, deadlink cleanup, backlink integration, credit card payment integration, and the removal of superfluous sections from the existing WordPress site. The overarching objective is to attract and retain a larger customer base, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience to drive increased online sales.

Project Scope

Product Catalog Optimization

  • Directly edit and format the existing CSV file for product information to enhance readability/completion.
  • Import the updated CSV file to ensure accurate and organized product listings on the website
  • Remove the necessity to directly edit product information from within the Wordpress user interface.
The site’s product data as exported. Can be directly edited here in bulk and then imported to overwrite existing data in the database. This bypasses the manual click/load of the Wordpress UI.
The site’s product data as exported. Can be directly edited here in bulk and then imported to overwrite existing data in the database. This bypasses the manual click/load of the Wordpress UI.

SEO Refinement

  • Conduct a comprehensive SEO audit to identify and address areas for improvement.
  • Optimize meta tags, descriptions, and content to improve search engine rankings.
  • Implement SEO best practices to increase visibility and drive organic traffic.

Additional Product Information

  • Enhance product pages by adding detailed and relevant information to improve customer understanding and decision-making.
  • Incorporate high-quality images and specifications for each product.

Deadlink Cleanup

  • Identify and remove or update broken links to improve the overall user experience.
  • Implement redirects where necessary to ensure a seamless navigation flow.

Backlink Integration

  • Develop a backlink strategy to enhance the website's authority and credibility.
  • Establish partnerships or collaborations to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable sources.
“there is a direct correlation between quality/quantity of links to your site and how much search traffic your site receives”

Credit Card Payment Integration

  • Integrate a secure and user-friendly credit card payment system to streamline the checkout process.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards for online payment security.
“Businesses that accept credit cards report that credit cards increase revenue by 20%”
This can likely be done by connecting an existing Square account to WooCommerce and minimal testing.

WordPress Site Optimization

  • Review and analyze the current WordPress site structure.
  • Remove unnecessary sections and streamline the website for improved navigation and user experience.

Project Timeline

The project will be executed over a six-month period, with each phase focusing on specific aspects of the enhancement process.

  • Month 1-2: Product catalog optimization, SEO refinement, and credit card payment integration
  • Month 3-4: Additional product information, deadlink cleanup, and backlink integration.
  • Month 5-6: WordPress site optimization and ad-hoc updates/fixes/upgrades as project proceeds.

Project Cost

The proposed fee for the five-month project is a flat rate of:

$2,000 Per Month

$10,000 Total.

Contract Details

The parties would agree to the project cost terms ($10,000) which will be paid to Dan Lauer in five even amounts ($2,000), once monthly for five months. The first payment commences on the first day of work and on the same day of the following four months (e.g., Feb 15th and the 15th of the next four months) until the project is completed.

Conversations and progress updates will occur frequently throughout the term of the contract so there are no surprises. If at the end of the five months finds any aspect of the work unsatisfactory Dan Lauer will complete additional work at no additional cost until is satisfied.

Post contract, Dan Lauer will be available ad-hoc for maintenance or additional projects at a cost of $40 hourly or another flat rate project term can be provided.


  • Updated and organized product catalog.
  • Improved SEO performance and increased organic traffic.
  • Enhanced product pages with additional information and media.
  • A website free of broken links and dead ends.
  • Improved website authority through backlink integration.
  • Streamlined checkout process with credit card payment integration.
  • A simplified and optimized WordPress site structure.


Dan Lauer is committed to leveraging his expertise to enhance's online presence, creating a more user-friendly and efficient platform. The proposed project is designed to achieve measurable results in terms of increased website traffic, improved customer engagement, and ultimately, a boost in online sales.